Parent: “SANDS Lothians helped me keep my sanity”.

Parent: “Absolutely essential service – I look on the days before SANDS Lothians as the dark ages”.

Former Head of Midwifery, St John’s: “If it wasn’t for SANDS Lothians, bereavement counselling in the Lothians would not be nearly as good as it is. Our practice has improved considerably as a result of their input”.

Former Hospital Chaplain: “I want to emphasise the great importance of SANDS Lothians”.

Parent: “An invaluable service with a dedicated workforce”.

Parent: “Their help and support knows no boundaries. Without this service it would be hard to move forward”.

Professor Neil Macintosh: “The staff are very dedicated, friendly people. They are very much involved because they have had the problems themselves. SANDS Lothians do the job with a sensitivity that is natural and important”.

Maternity Staff Member, New Royal Infirmary: “SANDS Lothians input has been big and positive within the local maternity hospitals. It has been around so long that staff now take their contribution for granted”.


30th May 2011

'I am a medical student at the Simpson Unit in the RIE, and today we had a talk from some members of SANDS Lothians.

I just want to say what a really educational talk it was, and how I feel totally humbled by how strong the women who came in to talk to us were, sharing such painful subjects with essentially a group of strangers.

Until today I never realised some of the problems surrounding stillbirths and perinatal mortality, and I cant understate how important your members work with health care students is to making a difference about things in the future.'

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