A true friend is the friend that listens when you talk about your baby, speaks your child's name and you know it is from their heart xx ~ Helen Henderson

 I love my little Lilly, I always will
The pain isn't fading like they said it will,
How can they understand
They didn't lose a child
I miss your tiny toes and nose
I feel your essence as I hold your blanket close,
It is memories now I cherish the most
How can anyone understand?
How do they know?
Everyday a tear will flow.
They don't know how I feel.
In my heart I hold you close and tight
I can't hold you and kiss you goodnight.
The heartache and the pain feels fresh and new
Because inside my tummy you once grew.
It's now been over a year
Since I kissed you goodbye
I imagine you are a butterfly in the sky
When it rains I look for a rainbow
I find you each day in all I do,
When it's dark I look for your star
Every time there is a breeze I know you're not far
I love you right up to the moon and back
Sweet dreams xx

~ Author Lynsey Berwick ~

We couldn't wait to hold you
And see your pretty face.
To count your little fingers,
And check your toes are in their place. 

It should have been the happiest day
To remember all our life.
But joy had turned to heartache,
No breath, no beat, no life. 

We will never see you smile,
Or hear your hearty cry.
We will never be able to dry your tears,
Or share your happy times. 

Our precious little Angel,
We will always know your face.
In our hearts and stars forever,
You will always have a place.
~ Unknown ~ 

Forget me not My little oneYou have left us too soon Though my body can no longer hold you I hold you forever in my heart As precious and beautiful as this flower caught in time A mother's love does not forget. ~ Unknown ~ 

Today I smiled and all at once,Things didn't look so bad, Today I shared with someone else, A bit of hope I had Today I worked with what I had,And longed for nothing more,And what had seemed like only weeds,Were flowers at my door ~ Unknown ~

When someone
comes into our lives …

And they are too quietly
and quickly gone

They leave footprints
on our hearts

and their memory
stays with us


But you didn't go alone

A million times we've needed you
A million times we've cried
If love could have saved you
You never would have died
In life we loved you dearly
In death we love you still
In our hearts you hold a place
No-one can ever fill
It broke our hearts to lose you
But you didn't go alone
Parts of us went with you
The day God took you home


In the rising of the sun
And in its going down,
We remember you.

In the blowing of the wind
And in the chill of winter,
We remember you.

In the blueness of the sky
And in the warmth of summer
We remember you.

In the rustling of leaves
And in the beauty of autumn
We remember you.

In the beginning of the year
And when it ends
We remember you.

When we are lost
And sick at heart
We remember you.

When we have joys
We yearn to share
We remember you.

So long as we live,
You too shall live,
For you are part of us
And we remember you.



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